Filters for 5 stage reverse osmosis ( pack 4 ) View full size

Filters for 5 stage reverse osmosis ( pack 4 )

Set of 4 filters for 5 stage reverse osmosis consisting of 1 sediment filter 5 " , one granular activated carbon filter , activated carbon filter block 1 and last one activated carbon postfilter coconut fiber .


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Excellent set of four filters for reverse osmosis cartridges including all required to perform annual maintenance of standard equipment . ,expanded polypropylene cartridge . ,g.a.c. carbon cartridge ,block carbon cartridge . ,carbon postfilter . ,expanded polypropylene filter : made ??fibers blow hot heat sealed . ,has a high retention capacity particulate pollutants , has high chemical resistance and a low carbon presión.filtro drop gacdiseñado to achieve effective reduction of undesirable flavors and odors as chlorine . ,allow water to enter her womb and keeps in contact with the carbon for as long as possible , ensuring maximum absorption. ,to minimize the possibility of a shunt or divert water , expanding mat incorporates a carbon interna.filtro active carbon blockcartucho consolidated excellent performance. ,performs an effective filtration of the water , allowing the removal of volatile , chlorine, taste and odor . ,has a particle retention capacity , especially of dust and produces a low pressure drop in the purification circuit . ,has a high durability and is designed to prevent leaching of the coal ash during carbóneste explotación.postfiltro of the last cartridge is in contact with water. ,is designed to remove any residual taste or odor of the water before being consumed . ,this fiber composite ,coconut shell for greater efficiency.