Osmoaqua, SL is a regional distributor of major brands of water treatment market.

We are dedicated to the sale, installation and maintenance of water softeners, reverse osmosis, filters and water sources. Several years of work in the field have allowed us to develop and carry out this project.

The presence of the Internet in all areas of modern life, the growing application of user information and the need for the existence of an online sales platform for the management of a large part of our services definitely have driven the creation of a shop.

Safe products with good quality and extensive guarantees, made under the rules of the European community and an excellent price / quality, make this catalog.

An effective delivery system, mechanisms of attention and efficient online advice and reliable payment protocol, are the golden rules of our virtual trade.

We hope you feel at home and to contact our team for any coach. Fully satisfy your needs is our mission.


This online shop belongs to Osmoaqua, SL of Murcia.