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Industrial reverse osmosis equipment merlin model me1000

Industrial osmosis equipment merlin model , model me1000 , reverse osmosis equipment specially qualified for high production , thus covering all the needs of professionals and industries. ,100l equipment capable of producing pure water per hour of weak mineralization . ,special reverse osmosis equipment for professional catering, catering.


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The main features of industrial reverse osmosis equipment model me1000 : ,2600 liters of water daily aproximadamente.prefiltro carbónfiltro of carbón.autoflushing (optional ) . carbon pre - coal gac (optional ) . terms of test : 500 ppm.medidas team : 96 x 106 x 200 mm.manómetros ,accumulation of glicerina.depósito (optional ) . production of 500 liters (20 liters / hour.) unfurnished team measures : 750 x 450 x 230 mm . ,me1000 team is a high-performance team but since proper maintenance osmoaqua suggest therefore contact us and request parts and spares , find all the cartridges and membranes for me1000 industrial ro model . ,merlin osmosis consists of a compact active carbon pre-filter 20 " , two membranes in series of 360 gpd , active carbon filter online , faucet and mounting hardware . their main features are:fme102 ,merlin carbon cartridge ,fme103 ,post- filter cartridge carbon 3/8 " merlin ,me1027 ,merlin membrane

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