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Sailboat compact osmosis equipment , new improved model with faster filling deposit, osmosis five stage for domestic or small industrial applications. ,producing 250 liters / day


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Compact reverse osmosis system for home use. ,comprises : ,sediment line filter which retains particles larger than 5 microns. ,two filters in granular activated carbon line that retains chlorine , organic matter and volatile substances . ,reverse osmosis membrane 50 gpd that retains approximately 95% of the harmful substances dissolved in the water as salts , pesticides , lime, chlorine , lead, etc. . ,online postfilter coconut shell that eliminates any taste and smell that could be in the water. ,technical characteristics without pump model : ,minimum operating pressure 3 bar. ,maximum working pressure 6 bares.salinidad maximum 1000 ppm . ,deposit accumulation . ,equipment measures : ,length 420 mm ,width 240 mm ,410 mm high