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Industrial equipment osmosis high production oim025

Industrial reverse osmosis equipment high production up to 2,000 ppm , highlight oim025 osmosis equipment with a production of 2500 liters / hour certainly a high production level of water of the highest quality .


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Industrial equipment including reverse osmosis oim025 model , characterized by a sediment filter 1 micron , which removes sediments and protects the system has a high pressure pump 3kw , grundfos model high quality stainless steel ,long use , specifically contemplates the team oim025 cri5 - pump model 24. ,comes equipped with 10 hydranautics membranes espa3 -4040 model , the main element of reverse osmosis equipment providing the best performance . ,oim025 model of industrial reverse osmosis has 10 portamembranas 40x40 , supporting a maximum pressure of 300 psi. ,between the virtues of this team highlight its glycerin pressure gauge pressure indicating system works and pre- filter. ,the team is well prepared for your life has the best security systems , as the low pressure switch , and to stop the process of osmosis , protecting thepump running dry , when not accepted water pressure , we may also use your throttle from the team allowing osmosis water rejection . ,has a control panel where tds level display , and are equipment that allows a level of work at a pressure of 14-20 bar. ,the computer has the ability to control the exact amount of water to spend in proportion guided by your monitor " flow " . ,* production equipment will always vary depending on the input water quality .